CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd, on behalf of its subsidiary, Taiwan Life Insurance Company, announces the substitution of important personnel

1.Type of personnel changed (please enter: spokesperson, acting
  spokesperson, important personnel(CEO, COO, CMO, CSO, etc.)
,financial officer, accounting officer, Company Secretary,
research and development officer, or internal audit officer):
important personnel.
2.Date of occurrence of the change:2019/05/09
3.Name, title, and resume of the replaced person:
Customer Service Division head:
許瑞珍(Hsu, Jui-Chen/Senior Vice President, Taiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd.)
4.Name, title, and resume of the replacement:
Customer Service Division head:
曾玉潔(Tseng, Yu-Chieh / Practice Director, PCCW Solutions Limited)
5.Type of the change (please enter: “resignation”, “position
adjustment”, “dismissal”, “retirement”, “death” or “new
replacement” ):retirement.
6.Reason for the change:retirement.
7.Effective date:2019/05/27
8.Any other matters that need to be specified:NA.