• Members of the Board of Directors

    1. Chairman Wen-Long Yen Representative of Wei Fu Investment Co., Ltd.
    1. Vice Chairman Chao-Chin Tung Representative of Chung Yuan Investment Co., Ltd.
    2. Director Thomas K.S. Chen Representative of Yi Chuan Investment Co., Ltd.
    3. Independent Director Shih-Chieh Chang
    4. Independent Director Cheung-Chun Lau
    5. Independent Director Chih-Cheng Wang
    6. Independent Director Sheng-Yung Yang
    Chairman Wen-Long Yen

    Representative of Wei Fu Investment Co., Ltd.

    Wen-Long is a Board of Directors stalwart. He became the chairman in 2012 after serving as a member for over three decades, his steady presence having helped shape and guide our transformation from an investment firm into Taiwan’s leading private financial holding company. 

    A large part of Wen-Long’s focus as chairman has been elevating the Company’s corporate governance and stepping up to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. This pursuit of sustainable development has been key in the success of CTBC Holding’s accelerating expansion into a global financial institution boasting more than 110 overseas locations. 

    Wen-Long began his career in construction with leadership positions in Taiwan’s real estate industry and seats on the boards of numerous investment companies. He subsequently branched into leasing and insurance, serving as supervisor of China Leasing (now Chailease Finance) and director of China Life Insurance. A firm believer in the power of education, Wen-Long has in recent years dedicated considerable time and resources to civic and cultural endeavors, including as chairman of Kainan University.

    He holds a bachelor’s in economics from Soochow University.

    Career highlights:

    • Chairman, Kainan University
    • Director, Wei Fu Investment
    • Director, Sung Lung Investment
    • Director, United Investment Management
    • Director, China Life
    • Supervisor, China Leasing (now Chailease Finance)

    Current positions:

    • Director, CTBC Bank
    • Chairman, Kainan Vocational High School
    • Director, Huo Wei Investment
    • Director, Feng Lu Development and Investment
    • Director, Sung Hung Investment
    • Director, Wei Hung Investment
    Vice Chairman Chao-Chin Tung

    Representative of Chung Yuan Investment Co., Ltd.

    Chao-Chin brings to the Board a wealth of financial and managerial expertise and leadership experience. Under his stewardship, the Bank has received numerous accolades at home and abroad, with Chao-Chin himself having been named the Best CEO in Taiwan—an honor awarded every three years by The Asian Banker—in 2016 and 2019.

    Before joining the Board, Chao-Chin served as deputy director-general of the Hsinchu Science Park Administration from 1990 to 1997 and vice chairman of China Development Financial Holding from 2004 to 2012. He has earned praise as an effective leader across multiple industries and is particularly renowned for the turnaround results he delivered in Taiwan’s tech sector. 

    He holds a master’s in materials science from the University of Rochester.

    Career highlights:

    • Director, Tokyo Star Bank
    • Director, CTBC Life Insurance (now Taiwan Life Insurance)
    • Chairman, CTBC Asset Management
    • Chairman, CTBC Venture Capital
    • Chairman, Chinatrust Bank (USA) (now CTBC Bank (USA))
    • Chairman, China Development Industrial Bank (now CDIB Capital Group)
    • President and director, China Development Financial Holding
    • Deputy director-general, Hsinchu Science Park Administration

    Current positions:

    • Vice chairman, Showa Denko HD Trace
    • Director, Straits Exchange Foundation
    • Director, Bankers Association of the Republic of China
    • Managing supervisor, Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan
    Director Thomas K.S. Chen

    Representative of Yi Chuan Investment Co., Ltd.

    Thomas is an old CTBC Holding hand with a wealth of international financial experience under his belt. He has held positions including chairman of our U.S. operations, vice chairman of our Philippine and Indonesian subsidiaries, and general manager of our Bank’s International Banking Group. 

    His first post abroad was head of corporate banking at the First Interstate Bank of California’s Singapore branch in 1981. And his global mind-set extends beyond finance, as seen in his current role as a director of the Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation.

    As a Board director and a member of the risk management, nomination, and ethics and integrity committees, Thomas has leveraged this diverse, hands-on experience in order to elevate CTBC Holding to the financial institution it is today—with customers and activities in over 110 overseas locations.

    He holds a bachelor’s in public finance and taxation from National Chengchi University.

    Career highlights:

    • Chairman, CTBC Asset Management
    • Vice chairman, CTBC Bank
    • Director, Chinatrust Life Insurance (now Taiwan Life Insurance)
    • Secretary-general, Chinatrust Financial Holding (now CTBC Financial Holding)
    • Chairman, Chinatrust Bank (USA) (now CTBC Bank (USA))
    • General auditor, Chinatrust Financial Holding (now CTBC Financial Holding)
    • Vice chairman, Bank Chinatrust Indonesia (now Bank CTBC Indonesia)
    • Vice chairman, Chinatrust (Phils.) Commercial Bank (now CTBC Bank (Philippines))

    Current positions:

    • Director, CTBC Bank
    • Chairman, CTBC Securities Investment Trust
    • Chairman, CTBC Leasing
    • Director, Taipei Financial Center
    • Director, Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation
    • Vice chairman, CTBC Charity Foundation
    Independent Director Shih-Chieh Chang

    Shih-Chieh has invaluable expertise in insurance and risk management, and as such currently serves as the convener of both the audit and risk management committees.

    A leading academic in risk management and actuarial science, Shih-Chieh held a number of positions in government and non-profit organizations prior to joining the Board. He served as a commissioner of the Financial Supervisory Commission from 2006 to 2010 and was an advisory committee member for the Risk Management Committee of Chunghwa Post, Taiwan’s national postal service. 

    Shih-Chieh holds a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and has been a professor at National Chengchi University’s Department of Risk Management and Insurance since 2000. He has also lectured internationally, including in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

    Career highlights:

    • Commissioner, Financial Supervisory Commission
    • Director, Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund
    • Director, Taiwan Insurance Institute
    • Chairman, Insurance Anti-Fraud Institute
    • Chairman, Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association
    • Chairman, Risk Management Society of Taiwan, R.O.C.
    • Dead, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, National Chengchi University

    Current positions:

    • Independent director, Taiwan Life Insurance
    • Independent director, TLG Non-Life Insurance
    • Advisory committee member, Risk Management Committee, Chunghwa Post
    • Consultant, Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C.
    • Professor, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, National Chengchi University
    Independent Director Cheung-Chun Lau

    Over his 30-plus years with leading international financial institutions, Cheung-Chun has gained extensive experience in global financial markets, risk assessment, and regulatory matters.

    Although based in financial centers around the globe, Cheung-Chun has spent much of his career engaged in Asia Pacific-centric strategic planning and business development. He has specialized in the origination and marketing of capital markets products, providing solutions for corporate and institutional customers in Asia and gaining insights into the insurance sector and corporate governance trends affecting the financial services industry.

    Cheung-Chun served as senior vice president of ABN AMRO Bank from 2005 to 2010 and managing director of the Bank of Nova Scotia from 2010 to 2016, having previously been managing director of Westcom Capital from 2000 to 2002 and director of Citigroup Global Markets Asia from 2002 to 2005.

    He holds an MBA in finance and international business from the University of Michigan.

    Career highlights:

    • Managing director, Bank of Nova Scotia
    • Senior vice president, ABN AMRO Bank
    • Director, Citigroup Global Markets Asia
    • Managing director, Westcom Capital
    • Executive director, UBS AG
    • Vice president, Bankers Trust Company

    Current positions:

    • Independent non-executive director, Hong Leong Insurance (Asia)
    Independent Director Chih-Cheng Wang

    Chih-Cheng has valuable expertise in regulatory compliance. Drawing on the knowledge and perspective gained over his career and honed in his current posts at the Taiwan Stock Exchange and CTBC Holding's security and insurance subsidiaries, he is a driving force behind the Company’s growing emphasis on good corporate governance and the improvements being made to its corporate governance mechanisms.

    In addition to currently serving as a distinguished professor of finance and economics at National Chung Cheng University, Chih-Cheng previously held positions in government and non-profit organizations prior to joining the Board. He also previously served as director of the Financial Ombudsman Institution and commissioner of the Financial Research and Development Fund.

    He holds a Ph.D. in law from National Chengchi University.

    Career highlights:

    • Director, Financial Ombudsman Institution
    • Commissioner, Financial Research and Development Fund

    Current positions:

    • Independent director, CTBC Securities
    • Independent director, Taiwan Life Insurance
    • Distinguished professor, Department of Financial and Economic Law, College of Law, National Chung Cheng University
    • Adviser, Central Deposit Insurance
    • Commissioner, Listing Application Review Committee (Taiwan Stock Exchange)
    • Commissioner, Listing Examination Commission (Taipei Exchange)
    Independent Director Sheng-Yung Yang

    Sheng-Yung brings significant expertise in finance, accounting, and corporate planning to the Board.

    In academia, he has earned renown for his research in finance and accounting, corporate strategy, international investment, financial institution management, and risk analysis. In the field, he has led development projects with private organizations as well as government agencies, including the Council for Economic Planning and Development of Executive Yuan. He has also served as an independent director at multiple listed companies.

    Sheng-Yung holds a Ph.D. in finance from Drexel University. He has been dean and vice president of the International College of Providence University since 2016 and is a distinguished professor of finance at National Chung Hsing University.

    Career highlights:

    • Independent director, High-Tek Harness Enterprise
    • Dean and distinguished professor, College of Management, Asia University
    • Head, Department of Finance, National Chung Hsing University
    • Chairperson, Central Taiwan Think Tank, Council for Economic Planning and Development (Central Taiwan Office)
    • Member, Operating Fund Committee, Hsinchu Science Park Administration
    • Principal investigator of governmental development and national science and technology organization projects, including Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Bureau of Agricultural Finance, Financial Supervisory
    • Commission, Bankers Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corp., and R.O.C. Bills Finance Association

    Current positions:

    • Independent director, Nova Technology
    • Dean and vice president of international affairs, International College, Providence University
    • Distinguished professor of finance, College of Management, National Chung Hsing University
    • Member, Remuneration Committee, Sinon
    • Member, Remuneration Committee, Best Friend Technology
  • Board director skills and experience

    We are committed to maintaining a Board of Directors that boasts a diverse array of competencies and qualifications. Our election of directors is guided by this principle and, more specifically, by diversity policies developed based on the Board’s operation, work patterns, and development needs.

    We expect our directors to have the following knowledge, skills, and experience, which are required to perform their duties effectively:

    • operational judgment abilities
    • accounting and financial analysis abilities
    • management and administration abilities
    • industry knowledge
    • an international market perspective
    • leadership skills
    • decision-making skills

    Current director qualifications

    NameCriterion Wen-Long Yen Chao-Chin Tung Thomas K.S. Chen Shih-Chieh Chang Sheng-Yung Yang Chih-Cheng Wang Cheung-Chun Lau
    Operational judgment abilities V V V
    Accounting and financial analysis abilities V V V
    Management and administration abilities V V V V
    Industry knowledge V V V V V V V
    International market perspective V V V V V V V
    Leadership skills V V V V V V
    Decision-making skills V V V V V V
    Risk management skills V V
    Legal professional V
  • Board of Directors Meeting Status

  • Board of Directors Material Resolutions

  • Rules for Director Elections

  • Specification of Procedure for Board of Directors

  • Board Performance Evaluation

  • Independent Director Responsibility Scope Criterion