• Corporate Governance Awards

    Important governance awards in 2016

    (1) CTBC was ranked in the top 5% of companies in its second TWSE corporate governance evaluation, and was again included in the TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index.

    (2) CTBC was selected as a constituent stock in the 2016 DJSI Emerging Markets Index.

    (3) CTBC was included in the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes.

    Important governance awards in 2015

    (1) CTBC was ranked in the top 20% of firms in the TWSE first evaluation of its corporate governance, and was selected in the TWSE Corporate Governance 100 Index.

    (2) On January 3, 2014, CTBC was awarded the CG6008 Advanced Corporate Governance Assessment Certificate from the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association, with a validity period of two years.

    (3) CTBC was ranked No. 1 in Asia for Corporate Governance in the 2015 Asiamoney Corporate Governance Poll

    (4) CTBC was selected as an “Icon” of Corporate Governance by Corporate Governance Asia.

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