• Where is CTBC Financial Holding Company (“CTBC Holding”) listed? What is the ticker symbol?

    CTBC Holding was listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange on May 17, 2002. The ticker symbol is 2891 on Taiwan Stock Exchange, the Bloomberg symbol is 2891 TT and the Reuter symbol is 2891.TW.

  • What is CTBC Holding’s business scope?

    CTBC Holding’s business scope includes institutional banking, retail banking, consumer finance, insurance brokers and securities business. The covered product are well diversified, inclusive of loans, deposits, bond/equity investments, futures, derivatives, underwriting, structured products, securitization, mortgages, credit cards, bills finance, trust, venture capital, and foreign exchange etc.

  • What are CTBC Holding and its main subsidiaries’ credit ratings?

    The latest credit ratings are available at the Credit Ratings.

  • What is CTBC Holding’s fiscal year?

    The fiscal year ends on December 31st.

  • What is CTBC Holding’s shares outstanding?

    The latest outstanding shares are available at the Shareholder Structure.

  • When is the monthly earning announced?

    On or before the 10th of the following month.

  • When are CTBC Holding’s financial reports available?
    Reporting period
    ended on 
    CTBC Holding
    Publish deadline
    CTBC Bank
    Publish deadline
    First Quarter Report March 31 May 30, same year May 15, same year
    Semi-annual Report June 30 Aug 31, same year Aug 31, same year
    Third Quarter Report Sep 30 Nov 29, same year Nov 14, same year
    Annual Report Dec 31 Mar 31, next year Mar 31, next year
  • How can I obtain information on CTBC Holding’s latest financial results?

    The latest financial results are available at the Financial Information.

  • Where can I find historical financial information for CTBC Holding?

    The historical financial information is available at the Financial Information_Quarterly Results.

  • When and where does the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting hold?

    The latest Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting information is available at the Shareholder's Meeting.

  • What is CTBC Holding’s shareholder structure? Who are the major shareholders?

    The shareholder structure and top 10 shareholders list are available at the Shareholder Structure.

  • What is CTBC Holding’s dividend policy and historical dividend payout?

    The dividend policy and historical dividend payout are available at the Dividend and Dividend Policy.

  • How do I get added to the Email distribution list for CTBC Holding’s financial release?

    Please subscribe financial news from the Email Alerts.

  • How do I contact CTBC Holding’s shareholder services agent?

    Please contact Corporate Trust Operations & Service Department at 886-2-2181-1911. The address is 5F, No.83, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Taipei City 100, Taiwan.

  • Who should I contact if the FAQ can not answer my question?

    Please contact CTBC Investor Relations at ir@ctbcholding.com