Year Dividend Type Dividend Payout
NT$/Share Ex-Dividend Date Book Closure date Record date Payment date
2019 Cash $1.00 2020.07.13 2020.07.15 2020.07.19 2020.08.07
2018 Cash $1.00 2019.07.15 2019.07.17 2019.07.21 2019.08.09
2017 Cash $1.08 2018.07.09 2018.07.11 2018.07.15 2018.08.03
2016 Cash $1.00 2017.07.17 2017.07.19 2017.07.23 2017.08.11
2015 Cash $0.81 2016.07.29 2016.08.02 2016.08.06 2016.08.26
Stock $0.80 2016.10.12 2016.10.14 2016.10.18 2016.11.15
2014 Cash $0.81 2015.08.06 2015.08.10 2015.08.14 2015.08.31
Stock $0.81 2015.08.06 2015.08.10 2015.08.14 2015.09.18
2013 Cash $0.38 2014.07.09 2014.07.11 2014.07.15 2014.08.05
Stock $0.37 2014.09.18 2014.09.20 2014.09.24 2014.11.12
2012 Cash $0.71 2013.07.17 2013.07.19 2013.07.23 2013.08.14
Stock $0.70 2013.08.19 2013.08.21 2013.08.25 2013.09.30

Dividend Policy and Earnings Distribution

Dividend policy

The fiscal year-end earnings of the Company shall be applied to the following uses in order: payments of taxes, adjustments per financial and accounting principle, making-up of deficit, legal reserve, special reserve by law or reversal, and preferred shares dividends, the remaining earnings, if any, will be the undistributed earnings of the year, plus the beginning undistributed earnings, it will be the accumulated distributable earnings, and Board of Directors will draft the proposal for earnings distribution and have it passed by the resolution of shareholders’ meeting before distribution or modification.

The Company, aiming to a continued growth and increase profitability as well as to be in line with the provisions of laws, adopts a residual dividend policy. According to operational planning of the Company, shareholders dividend and bonus will be distributed according to the following manners:
  1. In principle, the distribution of annual shareholders dividend and bonus shall not be lower than twenty percent of the distributable earnings of the current year; the distributable earnings of the current year referred to in this subparagraph is the aforementioned undistributed earnings of the year stated in Paragraph 1 of this article after deducting the balance of adjustments per accounting principle and reversals of special reserves by law in the current year, excluding distributable but not yet distributed Preferred Shares dividends for the current year;
  2. Shareholders dividend and bonus may be distributed in cash and/or by stock, provided the cash dividend shall not be less than ten percent of the total dividends;

For the above mentioned dividend distribution policy, Board of Directors may propose to a Shareholders’ Meeting for resolution to an appropriate adjustment of the ratio in cash dividend distribution according to the business operation of the Company, funds demand in reinvestments and acquisition, and major amendment of laws, provided it shall not be less than one percent of the total dividends. The Company may retain the earnings if the cash dividend is less than NT$0.1 per share.

Status of execution

The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting(AGM) has approved the earnings appropriation proposal for Year 2019. The proposed resolution of dividend distribution approved by the AGM is as follows:

  1. It was proposed that a cash dividend for preferred shares B of NT$749,993 thousand, preferred shares C of NT$239,333 thousand and a cash dividend for common shares of NT$19,496,990 thousand (NT$1 per share) will be distributed from the retained earnings of fiscal year 2019 according to the record shown in the shareholder book on the record date of distribution.